Be Ye Lamps Unto Yourselves

The Spiritual Explorers' Mystery School

In addition to the tools on this page, Sunfire has described much of his spiritual praxis in his blog. The following pages described a great deal of this work:

Accessing Your Inner Self through Sculpture

For this praxis you will need about a pound of modeling clay. Have either a foot-square board or a paper, plastic, or porcelain plate on which to create your sculpture. You might also want three or four lengths of stiff wire about eighteen inches long. Divide the clay into eight to ten pieces. Manipulate one of them to get a feel for the clay.

Sit at a table with the clay and other materials in front of you. Begin by listening to the guided meditation included with these instructions. Click here to listen to the meditation. To download the meditation, right-clickhere. If using Safari, download by control-clicking here.

When the guided meditation is finished, pick up the clay and start to work with it. The following video shows the development of a sculpture from the imagination.

When you have finished your sculpture you may move immediately into creating a story or come back to work with your sculpture later. Start creating your story by contemplating your sculpture. What story develops? Record your story as an audio file or write it in a journal or on a computer. The following video is an example of a story created from sculpture.

A story could come to you out of a drawing or painting that you make. For an example of this, see Active Imagination on Sunfire's blog.

A Ritual of Blessing

Click here to listen to the recorded instructions for the ritual. To download the audio, right-click here. If using Safari, download by control-clicking here.

You should do the ritual in a place where you have privacy. Have a cushion nearby where you can sit cross-legged. As an alternative, you might sit on a firm chair with a straight back when you are instructed to sit.

You'll begin standing, facing east. Start by removing your clothes. Then listen to the recorded instructions.