Be Ye Lamps Unto Yourselves

The Spiritual Explorers' Mystery School

Look at the words of the Buddha on the upper left. Do they speak to you? Do you resonate with them?

Do you reject most of what you hear from organized religion, with their easy answers and demands of blind obedience? At the same time, are you uncomfortable with modern-day materialism and its reliance on the sciences that have given us nuclear weapons and a technology of mass pollution?

Have you seen glimpses of solutions to your own problems or to the world's problems as you look within yourself?

Do you long to connect with others who recognize the human psyche as one of the last unexplored frontiers of human knowledge?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you probably don't need to be told what a spiritual explorer is. You already are a spiritual explorer.

"When you strip naked without shame and trample your clothing underfoot just as little children do, then you will look at the Son of the Living One without being afraid."
         --The Gospel of Thomas 37

The Innocence Seminar

Martin Buber said, "When two people relate to each other authentically and humanly, God is the energy that surges between them." He might also have said "innocently," for to relate "authentically and humanly" is to relate "innocently." When we know this, we see that the guilt trip that some religious traditions have attempted to lay on humanity actually prevents us from knowing the Divine in our lives.

But that guilt trip is losing its power. One of the signs of this is the number of people who can be seen naked on internet video. It is not the only sign, but it is one of the ways in which men and women who have discovered their innocence show it to the whole world.

The Innocence Seminar is an opportunity for you to experience your innocence and express that innocence to the world. The core of the Seminar is a ritual in which innocence and caring are expressed through loving touch. This touch is both be given and received. During the ritual each participant has the option of being undressed by another participant. The ritual is recorded on video with a portion of it being shown to the world on the internet.

How You Can Participate

Adults of any age and physical type are welcome to participate in the Innocence Seminar. Its four steps are:

  1. The Meditative Exercise
  2. The Agreements
  3. The Interest Survey
  4. The Core Ritual

If this calls out to you, or if you even think it might call out to you, do the Meditative Exercise. All of the core ideas of the Seminar are contained in this Exercise. The remaining three steps put these core teachings into practice so that you will come to understand them on a deeper level. You can and will find other ways to make these teachings a part of your life, but the last three steps of the seminar will quickly make them real for you in a deep way.

The Meditative Exercise

The Meditative Exercise is done alone, though in it you visualize yourself interacting with other people. You will be touching your body during the meditation. Sometimes you will be touching yourself while you visualize touching another person. Sometimes you will be touching yourself while visualizing another person touching you.

The meditation should be done in a place where you have complete privacy. You will need paper and a pen or pencil. You should have a place to sit, but begin the exercise standing. Before starting the recorded instruction, remove your shoes, but otherwise remain clothed. Then stand in a relaxed and comfortable position, and start the recorded exercise. It may be played directly from the internet or downloaded as a file to play on your MP3 player. The meditation is done with eyes closed, but at the point where you are given the opportunity to remove your clothes you may open them, closing them again when you have undressed. When you come to the point in the instruction where you are asked to write, you should sit.

Click here to view a video demonstrating this exercise. A good way to practice would be to view it first. Then you can use the sound track of the video to practice, or use the link in the next paragraph for audio only.

Click here to listen to the recorded instructions. To download the audio, right-click here. If using Safari, download by control-clicking here.

The Agreements

Read the following agreements. These are the agreements that those who participate in the Core Ritual of the Innocence Seminar make with each other.

  1. I enter the ritual space in innocence.
  2. I use eye contact to affirm my innocence, the innocence of all others with me, and my willingness to meet their need for touch and have them meet my need.
  3. If I choose to let my clothing be removed, my innocence is revealed.
  4. If I remove another's clothing, I bless that person by revealing their innocence.
  5. While in the ritual space, I do not see another person's need for touch as separate from my own. I express my need without words, and I am attentive to the needs that others express without words.
  6. My innocence is shown to the world by noncommercial release of video obtained during the installation.
  7. I have the right to leave the ritual space at any time.
  8. Only those with prior training will operate the video equipment.
  9. I understand that the Innocence Seminar is a noncommercial operation and will keep the names and contact information of other participants confidential. I will not use or supply the names and contact information of those participating for commercial purposes. If I have access to video and audio made during a Core Ritual, I will not let it be used for commercial purposes.

The Interest Survey

If you feel that you can make the Agreements given above, fill out the Innocence Seminar Interest Survey. When you have done this, you will be notified of others in your area who are interested in participating in the Core Ritual.

The Core Ritual

Your next step is to arrange to attend or help to organize an Innocence Seminar Core Ritual. Your participation has two parts:

  1. A tele-conference in which you will speak with other participants in the seminar and will go over the parts of the Core Ritual.
  2. The Core Ritual itself: About a one-hour ritual that is video taped. If you choose, you may assist with the video-taping as well as appear in it. After the ritual, the video tape will be edited and a short segment made available on an internet site that shows videos.

The Innocence Seminar is a non-commercial operation. No fees are charged for participation in the Innocence Seminar. Participants assume incidental costs of participation - such as travel expenses, cost of lodging and meals, and possible long-distance charges for participating in the tele-conference. The sponsors of the Innocence Seminar make no money from this, and no commercial use will be made of any information obtained from participants or any recorded video images or audio.

If you are a videomaker, you are encouraged to make the ritual your own and film it in a way that seems right to you. I would welcome contact before you shoot, but that's not necessary. If you do, and post something on the internet, please use this link to let me know.. If you film something that you haven't posted and want help with editing before you post, use this link to contact me.

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